FCO Terminals Change #’s

The ADR is RE-Numbering all the terminals at FCO. And somehow they’ve made it more confusing than before….

Here’s the text translated (Badly) from their website:

On the night of 10/24 small “army” of engineers and workers will take to the field to change the signs of the terminal, roads, car parks and in all areas open to the public.

The change in signage is designed both to rationalize the existing situation but also to realign the signs to the situation as regards the designation of the Terminal, the big international airports. The new nomenclature of reference for the system of the terminals has been determined:

  • Terminal A is renamed Terminal 1 (T1)
  • Terminal AA is renamed Terminal 2 (T2)
  • Terminals B and C (now merged) are renamed Terminal 3 (T3)
  • Terminal subsidiary sensitive flight is confirmed Terminal 5 (T5)
  • New name, literal B, C, D, G, H, of the boarding areas.

The Director of Aviation Safety and ADR, Elijah Gun, explained in ‘interview, all details of the project:

“Adapting to major hubs in the world, the airport of the capital take the system for identifying the number of terminals and distinguishes them permanently from the areas of shipment, which will be identified by letters A through H.

The revolution in signaling responds to a twofold, says Chief Aviation Security and Elijah Gun, “The renovation project will streamline the existing situation and bring the designation of areas of interest of passengers, terminals, and the interior of the terminals at what happens in the major international airports, with values similar to those of traffic at Fiumicino.

At the airport of Fiumicino infrastructure deployments have occurred gradually over time, which were identified under a name not consequential or misleading with respect to the actual location. For example, the embarkation areas are characterized by the letter C is located at Terminal namesake, is the Satellite West. This happened because, when it was installed the satellite, it was considered appropriate to continue the consecutive numbering of the outputs to those of the terminal is characterized by the same letter of the alphabet. The new releases of Terminal C, made following the Satellite, it continues the numbering, creating a “jump” difficult to understand logical for passengers. Likewise, the use of double A to identify one of the terminals does not match the names of the gates in it placed, identified with individuals.

Only operators engaged in continuous activity knows that some outputs identified by the letter A are outside the pier of the same name. This was because the airport was expanded, in some cases outside of any program, a process that lasted over the years and previous plans for infrastructure development did not take into account the need to harmonize related signs. “

What are the new features?

“The new signage change the previous setting: in the month of October, Terminal A, AA, B and C, respectively, become 1, 2, 3 (because B and C will be merged), plus the existing T 5 which will keep its current name. This is because the future terminal for flights sensitive, which will be located beyond the current area Ceremonial, to be the Terminal 4, in a perspective that takes into account the infrastructure that will arise in the future.

The same goes for boarding areas, whose letter of designation will identify the physical place and will take into account those provided by the development plan to 2020. The new name corresponds to a logic of long-term and use techniques dictated by international custom, consistent with what the passengers are accustomed to find in other airports in the world. The biggest problem orienting, focus principally on the operators, who will give references logistics dictated from memory and pay great attention, at least initially, to the new nomenclature…”

Why we chose the autumn to implement this project?

“This choice stems from the need to avoid possible errors in interpreting the new signs at the most “hot” year, when we can expect one, though partial, recovery of traffic. In autumn, in the presence of a smaller number of passengers, operators can consolidate the knowledge of the new names and limit the possible margin of error. “

Picture of the New Terminal Numbering System

For a close-up of this map, CLICK HERE!

Header: Parking in Rome – Photo From Wikipedia


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