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Futbol in Rome

Seeing a futbol match in Rome is a memorable experience. The crowds can get quite passionate and the atmosphere intense. The are two teams in Rome, AS Roma and SS Lazio. AS Roma is regarded as the “city team” and … Continue reading

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The 25 Best Hotels in Rome?

Which hotel should I stay in when visiting Rome? This is a question you hear over and over on every travel board. Certainly one man’s castle is not every man’s castle. Then there’s the location to consider. Will I be … Continue reading

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Parking in Rome!

Driving in Rome is quite challenging… and sometimes finding a parking space is even more difficult. Any parking space with blue lines is payment required (usually by the hour), yellow are for handicapped and specialty vehicles (probably not you) and … Continue reading

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Take My Luggage – Please!

For many travelers, storing your luggage on a brief stay in a city – traveling by train or plane – can be a problem. Most of the larger cities and airports do have a “LEFT LUGGAGE” service (deposito bagagli). The … Continue reading

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Chaos in Roma Termini

This past week has been tremendously challenging for folks traveling to and from Europe. The volcanic ash cloud has caused numerous cancellations. People have been stranded at the both airports in Rome waiting for ANY opportunity to “get out of … Continue reading

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Riding the Trains in Italy

In separate postings, we’ve discussed purchasing a train ticket online – and also using the kiosks to buy train tickets, so let’s talk about riding trains in Italy! Here, train travel is much less expensive than in other parts of … Continue reading

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Cruising? Come to Rome for the Day!

Many folks contact me regarding how to get from the Cruise port, Civitavecchia, into Rome for the day and back before their ship departs. There are quite a few options for a one-day excursion to Rome. The biggest challenge is … Continue reading

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Arriving by Train – Roma Termini

Roma Termini! The name brings different images to everyone who hears it. For locals, it’s a busy connection point for the two metro lines, multiple bus routes, and Airport, Regional, National and International trains. For tourists arriving in Rome for … Continue reading

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