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The Aqueduct Park (Parco degli Acquedotti)

Aqueduct thumbnail Sites & LocationsOne of the most incredible, but rarely visited sites in Rome, is Aqueduct Park (Parco degli acquedotti). The park actually hosts seven Roman aqueducts: Marcio, Anio Novus, Tepula, Mariana, Claudio, Iulia and Felice. These aqueducts took advantage of the natural hills of the area to bring water into the city. For a map, brochure, photos, and step-by-step instructions on how to get to the Aqueduct Park, Read more…

The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

IMG 6717 Sites & LocationsMany people ask for those “off-the-beaten-path sites” to see in Rome… and this is one. Called The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners in Testaccio, Rome, the cemetery originated in 1732, making it one of the oldest non-Catholic burial grounds in Europe. The most famous tombs are those of John Keats, Percy Shelley and Read more…

Aventine Hill

aventine thumbnail2 Sites & LocationsAfter the chaos, traffic and noise of centro Roma, head to Aventine Hill for a wonderful break. Getting there is a little bit of a challenge (an uphill walk) but once you’re there, you’ll be glad you came. It’s quiet, peaceful, pleasantly calm, and gives you great views of the city. Many Italians come here for picnics and it’s known as a place where young men propose marriage!Read more…

Rome at night

trevi Sites & LocationsUndoubtedly, one of our passions in Rome was walking through the city in the evening. At night, the chaos dies down, the streets get a little quieter, the heat of the day gives way to a comfortable evening breeze. Paris may be the city of lights, but Rome at night, is magical, beautiful, and softly lit. For some great pictures of Rome at night, Read more…

The Best Views in Rome

Colosseo thumbnail2 Sites & LocationsThere are many spots in Rome from where you can take INCREDIBLE photos. And often, the higher, the better! Rome is certainly one of the most photographed cities in the world and you can get great shots here, day or night. Many folks ask me where to go and get the best views…. so here is a brief list – I’m sure you’ll find others. Read more…

What to Pre-Book in Rome

Vatican Museums smaller Sites & LocationsFor travelers coming to Rome, “Should you or should you not pre-book sites or transportation for a vacation in Rome?” Also – What must you pre-book; What should you pre-book; What could you pre-book? And What sites/services would you never pre-book? Certainly these are all personal choices, but to get get some insight into the many options available, Read more…

Cruising to Rome – What Can You Hope to See on a One-Day Excursion

Civita Colosseo Sites & LocationsWhen you begin planning a shore-excursion to Rome… you soon realize there is SO MUCH to see in the city. You could purchase an organized shore excursions, a one-day tour with a car and driver, or you can go-at-it-on-your-own. What can you hope to see? Here is a step-by-step plan on “seeing the sites” in Rome! Read more…

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