Outside Rome


Ostia Antica

The ancient city is of Ostia Antica is easily accessible from Rome. In antiquity Ostia Antica was situated at the mouth of the river Tiber. Due to silting, Ostia Antica is now than three kilometers from the sea. Ostia is known for the excellent preservation of its ancient buildings, magnificent frescoes and impressive mosaics. If you can’t get to Pompeii, these may be finest ruins you’ll see – Read more…


Orvieto is a very popular daytrip destination. It’s close to Rome – about 100 km – and the railway station access makes it quite easy to visit. Spending the night is even better, as once the day-trippers have left, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the older streets. The town sits on a high plateau and the “centro-area” is closed to non-resident traffic. It’s quite picturesque – Read more…

Tivoli (Villa D’Este)

One of the most beautiful villas in Italy is certainly Villa D’Este. The Italian garden of Villa D’Este is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are more than 500 fountains, incredible statuary and beautiful flowers. Tivoli, Villa D’Este and Villa Adriana are a short ride from Rome and can make a wonderful day trip. Read more…

How To Get to Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana, like Villa D’Este, is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Villa Adriana was constructed as a retreat for the Roman Emperor Hadrian during the 2nd and 3rd century AD. It’s literally the size of a small town, covering an area of at least 1 square kilometer. For more information on the Villa and how to get there, Read more…

Lake Bracciano

To escape the hot summer of Rome we often headed up SS2 Cassia to Lake Bracciano. Driving to the lake you leave behind the noisy traffic, graffiti, and the crowds. As you head out on the Cassia (or take the train), you’re heading into the country. When you turn off SP493 and head for the lake, it’s a breath-taking transformation. You turn the corner on a curvy road and below you is the entire lake … and what a view! Read more…

Getaway to Sorrento

We were fortunate to often take “weekend trips” while living in Italy. One of our favorite trips was driving to Sorrento. Anyone who has driven there KNOWS that’s just getting there is an experience! The scenery was incredible and the traffic, not so bad. Read about our most recent trip here: Read more…

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