Changes for Ron in Rome – My Latest Adventure!

I have some very exciting news to share with you! After spending 20+ years in the Service Industry, and the last five years living in Europe, I’m making a big life-change: I am beginning a new professional career as an independent travel consultant!. Continue reading

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The “Best” Place to Stay in Rome is…

The most visited pages on this website consistently answer the question, “Where should I stay when I visit Rome?” There is perhaps no “best” answer! Complicating your decision is the sheer number of accommodations in the Rome area – well over 2,500 unique options. Continue reading

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Buy Skip-the-Line Colosseum Tickets Online

For years we’ve talked about skipping the line at the Vatican Museums. On this website there are multiple postings about these Vatican options, including Purchasing Skip-the-Line Tickets from the Vatican Online, 20 Tips to Help You See the Vatican, and Skip the Line – or Not – at the Vatican Museums… But we’ve never talked about pre-purchasing tickets to the Colosseum and Roman forum. Continue reading

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The Scavi Tour – Under St. Peter’s Basilica

When visitors walk through St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica, few realize they are walking above an underground city. Rome is built layer-upon-layer and you only have to go down a few feet to discover centuries-old treasures. What’s exciting is that you can go underground and see these historic ruins… and see the tomb of St. Peter. The visit to the underground passageways below St. Peter’s basilica is called the Scavi Tour. Continue reading

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Vatican Dress Code

Many people wait in extended lines to get into St. Peter’s Basilica. If you’ve been there, you’ve seen lines that perhaps stretch all around the famous St. Peter’s Square. What could be more frustrating than to wait in this line – in the hot Roman sun – and then be denied entry because you are not clothed properly? Continue reading

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Purchasing Skip-the-Line Tickets from the Vatican Online

Due to compressed schedules, the only way many folks get into the Vatican Museums is to “skip the line.” We talk about “seeing” the Vatican in other posts: 20 tips on Visiting the Vatican and Vatican – Should I pre-book . Yet in previous posts we never really talked about ticket purchasing. As there have been many, many questions on the process, we’ll try and Continue reading

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TIM International – The Latest Mobile Phone Deal

Writing about Mobile Phone offers for Italy and Europe is difficult – because no sooner do you finish writing the article and the information is outdated, updated, or a competitor introduces a new and better deal. Living overseas we had multiple unlocked phones. Some we brought with us from the States; others we purchased while living in Europe. Continue reading

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Trenitalia Changes Fare Structure – Mini Fares Are “No More”

As of June 10, 2012, with the introduction of the new schedules and rate changes, Trenitalia has implemented a new pricing structure. Less than 3 months ago, the Trenitalia website went through an update that led to many purchasing challenges. The biggest change – the introduction of three new pricing levels: Super Economy, Economy, and Base. Continue reading

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New Taxi Rates Take Effect in Rome

Finally, after years of speculation, taxi rates in Rome were discretely adjusted. With little fanfare, the new, higher rates were implemented on May 23, 2012.  What was confusing before – transportation between Rome and the FCO Airport – is now even more challenging because now there are multiple fixed rates, depending on your destination or starting point. Continue reading

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The Debt Crisis in Italy

Ken, an Italy-enthusiast who writes often on the Rick Steves’ Helpline, posted a link to this video, Power Shift Europe: Italy Undone. I watched it… and then watched it again. It explores many of the challenges that “modern” Italy faces today. Some items mentioned in this video inlclude: “Debt has becomes Italy’s curse… Private Italy may be beautiful, but Public Italy is a disaster… The Italian economy has been flat for 15 years and is now projected to shrink in 2012… Continue reading

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"La Luna sul Colosseo"
Spend a Late Night at the Coliseum

Once again, the Colosseo will be open to late night visitors. From now until October 6, visitors can see the Coliseum “after-hours”  on Thursday and Saturday nights. The gates will be open from 20.20  to midnight. Last entry is at 22.45. Continue reading

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Rome Public Transportation Fares Increase;
All Bus, Tram, and Metro Tickets Jump 33 – 50%

As expected, the cost to purchase tickets or passes to utilize Public Transportation in Rome will be increasing – and sooner than June 1. The proposed price increases will go into effect on May 25, 2012. Using the trams, buses, and metro systems in Rome has always been a great bargain – not so much anymore. Back in January, the Roma Pass got the jump on any ATAC price increases by raising their Pass price from €25-30. Now, ATAC has raised prices. Continue reading

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Save Money By Booking Alitalia Flights “Like a Local”

You have probably read on many travel board suggestions to pay “in cash” when purchasing services in Italy and by doing so, you could save money. But you can also book flights, like a local, and save up to 55% on your tickets. How? Rather than booking through the Alitalia USA Site, utilize the Alitalia Italian site! Continue reading

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