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Trenitalia Changes Fare Structure – Mini Fares Are “No More”

As of June 10, 2012, with the introduction of the new schedules and rate changes, Trenitalia has implemented a new pricing structure. Less than 3 months ago, the Trenitalia website went through an update that led to many purchasing challenges. … Continue reading

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New Taxi Rates Take Effect in Rome

Finally, after years of speculation, taxi rates in Rome were discretely adjusted. With little fanfare, the new, higher rates were implemented on May 23, 2012.  What was confusing before – transportation between Rome and the FCO Airport – is now … Continue reading

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Rome Public Transportation Fares Increase;
All Bus, Tram, and Metro Tickets Jump 33 – 50%

As expected, the cost to purchase tickets or passes to utilize Public Transportation in Rome will be increasing – and sooner than June 1. The proposed price increases will go into effect on May 25, 2012. Using the trams, buses, … Continue reading

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Save Money By Booking Alitalia Flights “Like a Local”

You have probably read on many travel board suggestions to pay “in cash” when purchasing services in Italy and by doing so, you could save money. But you can also book flights, like a local, and save up to 55% … Continue reading

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Italo – Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori Service Starts;
Finally, Competition for Trenitalia!

After years of speculation, planning, and spending, Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) have started operations in Italy. Get tickets at their website: Italo, will offer the first substantial competition to the State-operated railway, Trenitalia. Hopefully this new competition will reduce … Continue reading

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Maps for Italy

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took hundreds of years to create the Roman Empire… and after a hot day in the Roman sun, it may feel like it takes you that long to get … Continue reading

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Trenitalia and Booking Online
Using the Trenitalia Website – Updated

UPDATED Now more than ever, the Trenitalia website is accepting more and more USA credit cards. Many American travelers are reporting success using their MasterCard or VISA credit cards. Hopefully this trend will continue and the website will become even … Continue reading

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The Trenitalia Family Offer (L’ offerta Familia)

In other posts we’ve explored the types of  Trenitalia tickets,  MINI tickets, buying tickets online, using kiosks to buy tickets, and also how to go “ticketless” on a Trenitalia train. Here we want to talk specifically about the Trenitalia Family … Continue reading

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Hotels with FREE Parking in Rome

You’re headed to Rome with your rental car. You’ve heard all the horror stories of driving in Rome: the ZTL zones, the parking difficulties, those crazy motorini drivers, the poor signage, the one-way streets, and yet, you’re have no choice … Continue reading

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Riding a Motorino in Rome – A Few Videos and More Thoughts That May Help you Decide: “Should I Rent a Scooter?”

Living in Rome, we rode public transportation almost every day. Some friends loaned us their 50cc motorino… and eventually we purchased our own motorino; a 1999 Yamaha Majesty 125cc bike with 36,000 km. A motorino can give you a tremendous … Continue reading

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ATAC Proposes 50% Increase in Fares for June 2012

Carl Posti is the CEO of ATAC, which serves as the Mobility Agency in the Municipality of Rome. These are the folks that operate the bus, tram, and metro service in Rome. And if Carl and his company get their … Continue reading

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Trenitalia Announces “New” Frecciarossa Train With Four Levels of Service!

Just when we’ve finally figured out whether to sit in 1st or 2nd class, Trenitalia creates new “service levels” that may make your buying process more difficult. Starting in late November 2011, on runs from Milan to Naples, Trenitalia announces … Continue reading

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New Rules for Taxis, Shuttles, and Carriages

Now, the continuing odyssey of the Taxi Agreement… This month new rules were approved for taxi drivers, private shuttles (limousine services), and the horse-drawn carriages in the city of Rome. For taxis, the big news was – NO NEW RATE … Continue reading

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