Metro Line A closing at 21:00

rome_metro_sign Due to the ongoing construction of the new Metro Line C, Metro Line A (the red line) will stop running each night at 21:00 hours. The only exception will be on Saturdays when the metro will run its regular schedule of 05:30AM – 01:30AM. This arrangement is planned to be the normal routine until April 2012, when this section of Metro Line C is supposed to be completed. Since the building of Metro Line C  has been behind schedule since the beginning of construction, odds are that this service disruption could actually last much longer than April 2012 – let’s hope note! Much of the major construction is taking place at the San Giovanni metro station, where Metro Line C will cross under Metro Line A and this will become a connecting station.  Metro Line C will be the first fully automated metro line in the city.

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità has filled the 21:00 – 23:30 no-metro gap by creating two bus lines, the MA1 and the MA2. Forty-eight buses will fill in for the A-line metro trains. The MA1 route will go from Battistini to Arco di Travertino . The MA2 will then run from Piazzale Flaminio to Anagnina. Between Piazzale Flaminio and Arco di Travertino, the central and busiest part of town, the buses will overlap to provide the most coverage and support. The Spagna metro stop will NOT be serviced by there buses, so you’ll have to walk to either the Flaminio or Barberini MA1 or MA2 bus stops if you are in the Spagna area. On the bus stop signs, you’ll see a letter M on a red background with the MA1 or MA2 lettering to denote this is a “metro-substitute stop.

metro line cmetro lines A-D2

The two maps above show the planned C and D metro lines. The green line represents the Metro Line C and the orange line represents the future D Metro route. The bottom map shows you the “connection” that will occur at S. Giovanni. The C line will intersect the Metro Line B at the Colosseo stop. It will then cross the A line again at the Ottaviano station. Note, the Argentina and Chiesa Nuova stops, shown on both maps, have been eliminated from the C line construction plans. Once completed, the C line will support the Vatican and future plans take it 9 stops further north than this map projects.

Starting back in December 2004, this same approach was used when Line A was renovated. Thus the ATAC folks do have experience in using buses to handle the later-evening metro traffic. If you have questions, you can call the ATAC information line: +39 (06) 57003. Metro Line B is still operating on its regular schedule – for now.

line c ruins

Part of the challenge of building Line C is navigating the “ruins.” If you’ve been to Rome, you know the city is built in layers. Here is a shot of the ruins discovered in Piazza Venezia during the pre-construction phase. According to the website, these ruins were the Athenaeum of Hadrian which was a school founded by the Emperor Hadrian at Rome in 133 AD. It promoted literary and scientific studies and was named after the city of Athens.


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