Hotel Alternatives in Rome

Staying in a hotel, B&B, or apartment in Rome can be quite expensive. One cost saving alternative is to stay in a monastery, convent, or religious house.  As you would expect, Rome does have many options. The convents offer far lower prices and do accept men, women, and children. Many of the convents do have curfews – so do be aware before you book! Most of the convents seem to be located, as you would expect, near the Vatican. In some cases, you may be better served by communicating through fax or email when possible. Many of the Sisters do not speak English. In the past few years, the convents have done a better job communicating… but sometimes it is still an issue. Be patient and you can save some $$$. If you are dialing from the USA, dial the prefix 01139 before any of the phone numbers listed below. If you are calling from Europe, dial 0039.

The prices below are the most current posted… and thus are subject to change at any time.  The information below was gathered primarily from three sites: Monastery Stays, Convents in Rome, and Santa Susana. If you do a Google search you can get more detailed info on each listing. Finally, we’ve added a map so you can see where each residence is located. The “letters” in front of the residence name reflect their location on the map.

For a larger, Google Map you can print out, Click here!


A – Fraterna Domus

Via del Monte Brianza 62
00186 Roma. Italy
Tel. +39 06 68802727; Fax: +39 06 6832691

It is centrally located between the Tiber and Piazza Navona. Recommended by the Vatican Tourist Information Bureau. The rates are: 48€ per person for room with breakfast and 78€ for a double room. All rooms have private baths. Other meals are available on request. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


B – Suore Minime del Sacro Cuore

Via Fabio Massino, 26
Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 06 3242984


C – Instituto Il Rosario

Via S. Agata dei Goti,10
00184 Rome. Tel. 06.79.2346; Fax: 06.6994.1106;

Located near the Quirinale Palace and Piazza Venezia. The rates are 50€ for a single room with bath; 40€ without bath; and 86€ for a double room; and 117€ for a room with three beds. Breakfast is included. They also have a single Handicapable room with access! No other meals are served and curfew is at 11:00 PM.


D – Albergo Giusti (Suore di Sant’Anna della Provvidenza)

Via Giusti, 5
00185 Rome.
Tel. 06.7045.3462; Fax: 06.7045.3513;

It is located midway between San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore. The rates are: 50€ for a single room; 90€ for a double room; 120€ for a room with three beds. Breakfast is included. A lunch bag is offered for 6€ per person. Dinner is offered for 15€ per person. All rooms have a private bathroom, TV and AC. Remains open 24 hours, no curfew.


E – Casa Di Procura Suore Catechiste Di Sant’Anna – Santa Sofia

Piazza Madonna dei Monti, 3;
00184 Rome
Tel. 06.485.778; Fax: 06.487.1064;

Located near the Colosseum. The rates are: 50€ for a single room; 80€ for a double room and 115.00€ for a room with three beds. The prices include breakfast; other meals are available on request.Curfew is at 12:00 AM during the summer and 11.30 PM in winter.


F – Casa Santa Francesca Romana

Via dei Vascellari, 61
00153 Roma
Tel: +39 06 5812125

Visit their website for more information at


G – Casa D’Accoglienza S. Spirito – Suore Francescane dell’Addolorata

Borgo S. Spirito, 41
00193 Roma
Tel: +39 06 6861076; Fax: +39 06 6865664

The rates are: 40 Euro for a room with two beds, 35€ for a room with 3 or 4 beds, children up to 12 years of age pay 12€; students or young adults up to 25 years of age pay 25€ . There are no single rooms. Prices are per person; only breakfast is served; curfew is at 11:00 PM during the summer and at 10:00 PM during the winter.


H – Casa Di Santa Brigida

Piazza Farnese 96
00186 Rome.
Tel. 06.6889.2596; Fax: 06.6821.9126;

Piazza Farnese is near the Campo dè Fiori and within walking distance from Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Basilica. The rates are 110€ for a single room; 190€ for a double room. Breakfast is included. All the rooms are with attached baths, AC/heater and there is no curfew. On the day of arrival, all guests should check in before 10:00 PM.


I – VILLA ROSA, Dominican Sisters

Via Terme Deciane 5
00153 Rome
Tel. 06.571.709; Fax: 06.5745.275;

Located between the Piramide and Circo Massimo and easily reached either by bus or subway. English spoken. The rates for bed and breakfast are 50€ for a single room; 90€ for a double room and 105€ for a room with three beds. No other meals are served. There is no curfew, closed for the month of August and for Christmas and the New Year.


J – Le Soure di Lourdes

Via Sistina 113
00187 Rome.
Tel. 06.474.5324; FAX: 06.4741.422.

Via Sistina, which runs from the top of the Spanish Steps to Piazza Barberini, has been the center of action in Rome since the 18th century and is still an elegant shopping street. The rates are: 70€ for a single room without bath; 35€ per person for a double room. Only breakfast is included and no other meals are served. Le Suore di Lourdes is a great find. Curfew is at 10:30 PM.


K – Istituto Maria Santissima Bambina

Via Paolo VI, No. 21
00120 Città del Vaticano
Tel: 06.6989.3511; Fax: 06.6989.3540;

The rates are: 52€ for a single room; 46€ for a double room; 43€ for a room with three beds. The prices are per person. Breakfast is included. Other meals are available on request.


L – Piccole Suore Della Sacra Famiglia – Casa Di Accoglienza Paolo VI

Viale Vaticano 92
00165 Roma
Tel: 06.3909.1411; Fax: 06.3909.1427;

The rates are: 32€ for a single room; 55€ for a double room; 73€ for a room with three beds; 85€ for a room with four beds. Just across from the entrance to the Vatican Museums. No breakfast or other meals are served. Curfew is at 12:00 AM.


M – Figlie Della Carita’Di S. Vincenzo de’ Paoli

Via Ezio 28
00192 Roma
Tel: 06.321.6686; Fax: 06.323.0261

Located near the LEPANTO subway stop. The rates are : 40€ for a single room; 75€ for a double room. 93€ for a room with three beds. The prices are per person, breakfast is included. Other meals are available on request. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


N – Istituto Sacro Cuore, Ville Lante

Via S. Francesco di Sales 18
00165 Rome
Telephone: 06.6880.6032; Fax: 06.689.3848;

The rates are: 35 Euro for a single room; 64 Euro for a double room. The prices are per person, breakfast is included. Other meals are available on request. Bathrooms are along the corridor. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


O – Maestre Pie Filippine, Casa Auxilium Christianorum

Via Giuseppe Missori 19
00165 Rome
Tel: 06.635.201; Fax: 06.636.347;

The rates are: 45€ for a single room; 74€ for a double room; and 105€ for a room with three beds. Prices include breakfast, no other meals are served. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


P – Suore Pallottine

Viale delle Mure Aurelie, 7B
00165 Rome
Tel: 06.393.6351; Fax: 06.3936.6943;

The rates are per night, per room, including breakfast): 62€ for a single room with bath, 57€ for a single with private bath outside room, 47€ for a single with common shower; 94€ for a double room with bath, 89€ for a double with private bath outside room, 69€ for a double with common shower. Curfew is at 12:00 AM during summer months and 11:00 PM during winter months.


Q – Suore Teatine – Casa Mater Ecclesiae

Salita Monte del Gallo 25-27
00165 Rome
Tel: 06.637.46.53, Fax:,

The rates are: 47€ for a single room; 75€ for a double room; and 105€ for a room with three beds, 127€ for a quadruple room. Prices include breakfast. No other meals are served. Curfew is at 11:00 PM and the house opens at 6:30 AM.



Piazza S. Maria alle Fornaci 27
00165 Rome
Telephone: 06.3936.7632; Fax: 06.3936.6795;

The rates are: 70€ for a single room; 95€ for a double room; 70€ for a double room with single occupancy; and 130€ for a room with three beds. Breakfast is included. No other meals are served.



S – Villa Aurelia

Via Leone XIII 459
00165 Rome
Tel: 06.6601.7458; Fax: 06.6604.9467;

The rates are per person including breakfast: 68€ for a single room and 104€ for a double room. Other meals are available on request.

T – Suore Dorotee

Via del Gianicolo,4A,
00165 Rome
Tel. 06.6880.3349; Fax: 06.6880.3311;

Halfway up the Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo) from colorful Trastevere, in a quiet spot with a pretty garden across the street from the medieval church of Sant’Onofrio and near the North American College where many Americans study for priesthood. Full board is 77€ per person and half is 67€. An overnight stay including breakfast is 50€ per day. Single rooms are 8€ more. All rooms have private baths. Curfew is at 11:00 PM. English and French are spoken. They are recommended by the Vatican Tourist Information Bureau.

U – Domus Romana Sacerdotalis – for visiting priests and their relatives

Via della Traspontina, 18
00193 Rome
Tel:; Fax: 06.689.2945

The prices are: 49€ for a single rooms, 62€ full board. Prices are per person; The house accept Priest and their relatives. It’s open always and accept credit cards

 V – Casa Unione Misterium Christi

Via Merulana 174
00185 Rome.
Tel. 06.7049.2421; Fax: 06.7707.7707

The rate is 40€ per person for bed and breakfast. Curfew at 11:00 PM.


These properties were listed Through


W – Villa Annunziata

Via di Villa Maggiorani, 9
00168 Roma (RM)
Telephone : 06.3052259 Fax: 06.3058426


X – Albergo Nova Domus

Via Girolamo Savonarola, 38
00195 Roma (RM)
Telephone: 06.399511 Fax: 06.39731470

In the area surrounding this peaceful and well-run hotel you will also find a wonderful shopping area and the metro which will take you quickly across the river to more of Rome’s unmissable sights.


Y – Domus Aventina

Via di Santa Prisca, 11
00153 Roma (RM)
Telephone : 06.5746135  Fax : 06.57300044

Hotel open the entire year. Caters to families, groups, and singles. Property of the Order of Saint Augustine


Z – Domus Internationalis Paulus VI

Via della Scrofa, 70
00186 Roma (RM
Telephone: 06.698619  Fax: 06.6833941

The Domus Internationalis Paulus VI, was erected as a Foundation by the Servant of God, John Paul II, on 6 January 1999. The purpose of the Domus is to offer hospitality to clergy who are assigned to the diplomatic service of the Holy See or who are officials of the Roman Curia. Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who journey to Rome to visit the Holy Father or who participate in the various apostolic works of the Holy See are also welcome guests at the Domus.


A (BLACK) – Villa Maria Regina

Via della Camilluccia, 687
00135 Roma (RM)
Telephone: 06.3629071  Fax: 06.36308225)

Villa Maria Regina, run by the Sisters of Notre Dame, recently renovated, has 100 beds in single and double rooms all with private bathrooms. For groups there is a conference room. Free indoor parking for buses and cars.

For a complete listings of convents and other religious institutions that offer low-cost accommodations to visitors, write to:

Vicariato di Roma,
Piazza S. Giovanni 6
00184 Rome, Italy;

Header: 360° Panorama Piazza San Pietro – Photo by by SEIMA


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  1. stuart says:

    Hi, one to possibly add to the list: Sisters Elizabeth, near Santa Maria maggiore. We are booked there for June.

  2. Jeffrey Nunes says:

    I had to pause and congratulate you on putting together this great tool for bargain hunters like myself. I love the photos and the map is very helpful.
    I finally stayed at a convent in Rome on my last and third visit to the city. I stayed at the Villa Rosa in the Aventine. It could not have been better. Sister Christina, the other nuns and the staff a were very helpful and friendly. The accommodations were perfect.
    My one regret: Why didn’t I do this before??
    I am now emailing and faxing convents in Rome, Assisi, Pisa and Florence preparing for my next trip to Italy.
    Regards, good travels and say Hi to Jeff from,
    Cambridge, MA

  3. Georgi says:

    Great Tip. I had heard that the hotels are quite expensive in Rome but couldn’t imagine that apartments are that expensive (understandably you get more room in an apartment). I guess it is because the real estate prices are so high.
    I wouldn’t have come to the idea to search for “monastery, convent, or religious house”.
    Thank you!

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